Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Facts that Could Boost your Brain Productivity

As much as we like to use our brain to its maximum, this organ can easily be overloaded. In many cases, taking the time off and relaxing our brains is impossible due to tight deadlines and everyday obligations. And considering that we are speaking of the most complex organ in our body, you surely want to learn how to boost its productivity, don’t you?
Our brains need a little refreshing from time to time and believe it or not, even brains can be trained to be more productive. It is a theory called neuroplasticity, which points out to facts that actually work in boosting the brain functioning.
So, what can you do to achieve this? Read our 10 tips and tricks on how to optimize your brain’s productivity even when you feel too overwhelmed to think.

 An Afternoon Tea

This must look like a strange choice for a first trick for boosting the brain’s productivity, but you would be surprised to hear that it works very well! A single cup of tea helps me stem more than just healthy ingredients. By taking those ten minutes away from writing and working, I get the much needed pause and of course, caffeine

Something New

New things can stimulate the brain and create new neutral pathways. By changing your old habits and learning or experiencing some new education essay samples, you are actually increasing the intelligence level! And this does not have to be a big change at all. It is sufficient to make a minor change like taking a new route to your workplace or trying out a new hobby.


Regular exercise is considered the ‘cure’ for the brain. By exercising regularly, you are enhancing neurogenesis and therefore, increasing the brain functions. Every time you get to exercising, you are creating brain cells.
So, what are you waiting for? Stop being a couch potato and get your brain and body in shape!

Memory Training

Pieces of the puzzle
Did you know that you could train your memory? Many people get anxious because they forget things or cannot learn something fast, but this can easily be changed. For example, students who dedicate their time to learning find it easier to remember things after some time, while those who do not have the habit need more time to study for the same exam.
If you discipline yourself and try memorizing things on a regular basis, your memory can improve greatly.

Positive Thinking

Stress is bad for your health in general, including your brain’s health. When people are stressed, this is known to kill brain neurons and prevent new neurons from being created. So naturally, if you start thinking positively and reduce the constant stress, your brain will be in a better condition.

Healthy Nutrition

Nutrition is a very important factor in the brain’s function and condition. The brain consumes over 20 percent of the oxygen and nutrients our body consumes, which is why you must always feed your brain with a healthy diet.
Try adding fresh fruit, vegetables and OMEGA 3 oils to your daily nutrition to boost your brain’s productivity.

A Good Book

Reading can relieve the stress and make you feel better, which is a good way to help your brain relax and promote its functioning. Additionally, people often use their imagination when reading a good book, which is a great workout for the brain!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Imagine that your brain is intoxicated by all the information it consumes during the day, which is why you need to detoxify at night. And guess what – sleep is the best detox for your brain.
You must have noticed how you cannot function properly when not well rested. Well, this is a reason to get to bed at proper hours and get enough sleep to keep your brain in optimal condition!

Change of Venue

Many people go to work in the morning and get back home to rest for the remaining of the day. They may visit the market or jog around the neighborhood, but rarely change venue except for these regular locations. Why not try rearranging your home, workplace or changing the spot for your daily jogging? Perhaps you could walk your pet to a different park once in a while? New places work wonders for your brain, same as new experiences.

Get Some Munchies

Yes, too much chocolate is bad for your diet, but it is actually a brain booster. Also, you can always munch nuts and fruits and eat a healthy diet, while boosting your brain’s productivity when it needs it the most.
Now that you know how much can be done to boost your brain’s productivity, what are you going to do? Get to action and try out these tips to use your brain to its maximum!

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