Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Relationship between Export and Gross Domestic Product

Writing an economics topic essay for a long time was a very difficult tasks for me. I hope you will appreciate my new attempt.
Export includes goods and services that are produced within a country but later are sold outside its borders. Gross domestic product is the total revenue that is generated by a country within a particular year. Gross domestic product is a sum of various components such as net export of goods and services, private consumption, government purchases, and gross investments. Private consumption can be defined as the amount of revenue that is generated during the sale and purchase of goods and services by a household (Mankiw, and Taylor 110). Private consumption can also be referred to as personal consumption; it entails the consumption of both non-durable and durable products, and services.
The investment component of the gross domestic product is concerned with the acquisition of goods and services that will be appreciated in value. Investment activities aim at increasing the value of a commercial entity or a business individual. During the determination of gross domestic product, one should be keen enough to include products and services that have been newly produced, and exclude those that have been replaced or recycled. Failure to exclude such items will lead to double count; hence, the economist will overstate the total gross domestic product (Mankiw 86). Government spending pertains to all kinds of outflows that are made by the government. The outflows can be made for purposes of financing the acquisition of military hardware, and the remuneration of public servants. However, it is essential to note that this kind of spending is only included if the outflows  are intended for the procurement of the final products and services. This means that government transfers are excluded during the calculation of the gross domestic product.
Net exports are determined by subtracting total exports from total imports. Import includes services and goods that are produced in foreign economies but later consumed locally. Such items should be excluded from the calculation of the gross domestic product because their inclusion will overstate the level of national supply (Mankiw, and Taylor 107). This paper studies the relationship between exports and gross domestic product per capita. The graphs above contain data for the United States of America in the period between 2001 and 2012. According to the graphs, it is evident that the amount of exports has been increasing since 2001. It is necessary to note that the increase has not been extremely steady; there have been few instances of slight decreases in the level of exports (Data in Gapminder World n. p.). These decreases in the level of exports did not have a significant influence on the gross domestic product. In 2009, the US experienced such decline in the level of exports. From the graph on gross domestic product per capita, it is clear that the level of gross domestic product has been increasing steadily since 2001. However, between 2008 and 2009 there was a significant decline in gross domestic product per capita. Thereafter, the amount of gross domestic products generated commences to increase again in the next few years.
From the two graphs, one can notice interdependence between the gross domestic product per capita and the level of exports. The two variables have a direct relationship, whereby an increase in the levels of exports consequently results in an increase of the gross domestic product. One should note that there are instances when the level of exports increases or decreases; however, the same increase or decrease is not reflected on the gross domestic product at all (Mankiw 89). This is because, in the determination of gross domestic product, imports have an impact on the net export of a country. According to the two graphs, the US experienced a rapid decline in exports and gross domestic products in 2007 and 2009. This is attributed to the fact that, during this period, the United States of America was facing the global financial crisis.

Living with a Roommate

You are about to become a college student, but have not found a roommate yet. There is no need to worry, as in fact, it is not so difficult to do it. The main thing is to be open and ready to communicate. Do not hesitate to be the first to get acquainted. If you are invited to a party, accept an invitation, do not lose a good opportunity to meet nice people and make new friends there.
Before you find a roommate and settle in the same room, you have to be well aware of what awaits you. Adult life without parents is a responsible step for every person. You need to learn how to live together and respect each other. It must be remembered that everyone has his own character, habits and views on life, so it is always worth considering this in order not to offend anyone and live peacefully – everyone has the right to personal space.

What to Expect from Your Roommate

Personal Space

Everyone has the right for his or her private life, so do not try to be too intrusive in communicating with a new acquaintance, because at first, it can look like an encroachment to his or her personal space. However, this does not mean that you do not need to communicate at all, try to submit information about yourself and converse gradually, smoothly, moving from one topic to another. Do not be scared if your new friend will behave too actively and will sometimes cross the border of your personal space, perhaps, he or she is just getting to know you. In any case, while communicating with each other, you will find something in common that will become the basis of your friendship.

The Ability not Only to Speak, but Also to Listen

It is very important to tell about yourself as much as possible and introduce yourself to your new friend, but do not forget about his or her personality. Be able to listen carefully to your partner. This character trait will help you show the respect for a person and predispose him or her to yourself.

Respect and Understanding

Everyone has difficult times, especially during college studies. Unfortunately, many young people first think about themselves. It is good if your roommate is a pleasant and understanding friend who can support you in a difficult moment. Nevertheless, be prepared to the fact that he/she will not worry about your problems. In this case, you can always ask for the help of certain specialists who provide psychological assistance to students in your college.

Similar Features in Behavior

Scientists have proved that prolonged cohabitation contributes to the fact that people become similar to each other in some ways. Your roommate can change you in both a good and bad way. Being successful in some business, he or she can stimulate you do better our home essay, be more motivated, but be careful if your friend is too addicted to harmful food and has pernicious habits.


Your roommate may take the initiative in domestic affairs too actively. Do not take offense at it and do not think that he/she is doing something to shame you or point out your shortcomings. For example, your roommate may tend to prepare food and clean the room all by him/herself. Perhaps this is just a feature of the character. However, at the same time, you need to help your friend and become a little more proactive.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Three Reasons to Attend College

There are certain factors that have a major influence on everyone’s life. One of the most important things is whether one gained a college degree or not. To open the doors in a successful life, college diploma is not just needed, but it is an obligatory thing. The ones who attend college are usually hired after graduation at jobs with higher payment than those who do not. High school gives just general knowledge, when college will prepare in a certain field due to the job one wants to have after graduation. Moreover, it is proved that an unemployment rate among people attending only high school is much bigger than among those who gained college degree. In this essay, one can find three reasons why it is important to obtain a college degree.  
First of all, it is about the better future. It is not just our parents wishing us to study better. They care about our future career and life. Parents worry about their child, so in the future one could be prepared to take care of himself without them. However, to make our future better, the option about attending college and obtaining a college degree is a necessity.
Secondly, one needs to attend college, so can tell his future children how important it is to have a degree, and that they have to study even better than their parents. It is very needful to explain the future generation that education is essential in their lives; that getting good marks at college can provide better job opportunities in the future.
The last reason is a self-education. No one is going to talk or work with a fool, or trust in the case if one is a narrow-minded person. One can learn from professors in college not just the general subjects, but college life can give much more social experience too. One in college is learning how to make decisions and resolutions alone without parents.
College is one big journey that everyone needs to pass through in their life. These three reasons are not the final ones; everyone can add theirs. However, there is one certain thing everyone needs to understand – college is not a torture; it is the way to become successful. Nowadays to gain a college degree means to be adapted to adult life.
I hope you liked my new education topic essay

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Water and Its Importance for People

Water occupies more than two thirds of the Earth’s surface. This is why the planet is so unique. More than 95% of all water on the Earth is concentrated in the oceans. From them begins and ends the cycle of water in nature. Each raindrop that falls on the ground returns to the ocean in about a month and a half. Such a water cycle ensures the original essay renewal of fresh water supplies.
By the presence of water, astronomers judge the possibility of life on other planets. Therefore, with such intense attention, the whole world watched the rovers, which found traces of water on Mars. After all, this discovery can be the key to an answer to the long-standing question: "Is there life on Mars?"

Water in Life

Water and Nature

Water is a natural home for many organisms. The underwater world is amazing. There are sea stars, sponges, jellyfish, crustaceans, multicolor fish, and even sharks. No artist can express in all its glory such a multicolor picture.
Water is a universal substance, without which life is impossible. It is an indispensable part of all living things. Plants contain up to 90% of water, and in the body of an adult person, there is about 70% of liquid.

Water and Human Health

Water is the second most vital component necessary for human life after air. The importance of water is demonstrated by the fact that its content in various organs is about 70 – 90%. With age, the amount of water changes but water is still present in all tissues of our body.
Today, more than ever, it is crucial for the human body to receive clean water with a balanced mineral composition. It delivers grease to the joints, stabilizes the temperature. Water is necessary to maintain all metabolic processes. It takes part in the assimilation of nutrients by cells. Digestion becomes possible only when the food acquires a water-soluble form. More than 85% of all metabolic processes in a body occur in the aquatic environment, so the lack of pure water inevitably leads to the formation of free radicals in the blood of a person, leading to premature skin aging, and, as a result, the formation of wrinkles.
Drinking clean water ensures the normal operation of internal organs. It retains the flexibility of your body and helps the penetration of nutrients. Right diet and clean water help to fight overweight.
Water has a very important function of thermoregulatory. It absorbs excess heat and removes it evaporating through the skin and the respiratory tract. It moisturizes the mucous membranes and the eyeball. In the heat and during physical exercises, there is an intensive evaporation of water from the body. A glass of cool clean water, which is absorbed into the blood from the stomach, ensures the timely cooling of your body, protecting against overheating. During a workout in the gym, it is necessary to drink a lot of water in small portions for normal functioning of the organism.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Benefits of School Uniform

From the birth, parents are dreaming to see their children in future as successful and happy people, who will grow and go through different phases of life. One of these important phases in everyone’s life is school. However, it is usually believed that school is also one of the most meaningful, yet a bit cruel places for a child to be. Is it true that the discipline in the school is hanging on the wearing school uniforms? What are the pros and cons of wearing school uniforms?
At the certain age children are sent to school to gain their first knowledge about this world and its separate parts. They are sent to gain the new skills that they can use in their future life. During many years, the school is considered to be the second home for every child after which everyone is ready to take another important step in their life – university. That is why most parents are concerned about their child’s activity while being at school, how skilled they are, how disciplined or otherwise what a trouble-maker their child is. There is no wonder that parents are also concerned about the expenses they will have to spend for school, which includes books, stationery like pens or exercise books, and for the most it includes school uniform.
The issue about whether school uniforms and essay topics in education are necessary or not in the school life is still strongly discussed among many sociologists and psychologists. Some of them think that school uniform is an important element of school life and discipline in schools, while the others think that school uniform is the thing that limits children’s freedom and their rights on self-realization. One should not forget that school is a phase in everyone’s life that is necessary in order to take a proper job in future. However sometimes parents forget about this exact purpose of school in everyone’s life and think only about how their child is going to look like in this or that clothes for school; is he or she going to be popular or neglected. The National Association of Elementary School Principles stated that one from five schools, no matter if it is a public or private one, thinks about implementing school uniform issue or at least has it on its agenda. For the most, the main purpose is about implementing discipline and strong attention to children’s education, not the dress code. However, not all public schools have school uniforms as the obligatory part of the school policy, the ones who have it admit the good influence of its implementing. According to some researches it is stated that schools which have school uniform principle as the obligatory part of its policy, also have the higher level of discipline and the higher rate of students’ knowledge compared to schools that do not have one. The advantages of school uniform can also be seen in the relationships among students. It is very important that students relate to each other and communicate with each other not only according to their looks or social status, whether one is rich or not, but according to each other’s interests and knowledge. There are no battles among students about what is appropriate and popular to wear, and that is one of the main advantages of uniforms in school policies. With the implementing of school uniforms students started looking for the other way to show their talents and creativeness. Moreover, parents must not puzzle their head over where to find money on expensive clothes just to preserve their children’s reputation in school. Another advantage of implementing school uniform is that with it, students will pay more attention on gaining higher grades from this or that subject. Despite the fact that there are mostly advantages in the school uniform policy, one should not forget that there are disadvantages, too. One of the disadvantages was mentioned previously – sociologists believe that school uniform stands on the way of students’ self-realization and creativeness. It is said in many other researchers that school uniform deprives children from their personal interests, their individuality; it is stated that school uniform is even used to destroy school community and students’ unity. Moreover, despite the point that was made above that there is no need for parents to buy other fashionable clothes but just school uniforms. The opposite point is stated that school uniform is a waste of money because it became needless in everyday life after students’ graduation. Every child has their own style in clothing that is why it is believed that the school uniform policy deprives children from their comfort; it deprives them from their individual choice, individual manner of clothing.
As one can see from the information mentioned above, the issue about implementing school uniform in all kinds of schools is still on the heated dispute, and while there are disadvantages of the school uniform policy, there are still more advantages about it. With the implementing of school uniform several issues in school can be controlled like the school safety, low level of academic performance, the level of discipline and the problems of communication between students. Moreover, one should not forget that schools which have implemented the school uniform policy now have lower levels of violence and other incidents among students. To my mind, the school uniform policy is not just something that keeps the reputation of schools, but it is also a thing that keeps a tight rein on children’s behavior nowadays. It is very important, in my opinion, not just to make students wear school uniforms, but also to teach and explain them why it is so needful and useful to wear it.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Internet Job Seeking

In modern times, the use of the internet for job seeking has become a norm as a result of its efficiency. For this coursework, I visited LinkedIn and Yahoo search engine sites since they are mostly utilized by job seekers. In terms of comparison, the two search engines are similar, because they offer a variety of recent job postings for job seekers. However, the two sites are different in the way they are configured to search for jobs. For instance, in Yahoo, a job seeker just needs to go to the search button and type in the category of a job for the website to search. However, in LinkedIn, a job seeker has to sign for an account and become a member. Thereafter, a job seeker can interact with friends and get information on job openings.
The advantage of using Yahoo is that it is a global website, and many organizations use it to post their vacancies. Therefore, job seekers have the opportunity to apply for jobs in various categories. However, the disadvantage of Yahoo is that it is “too general”, and it may be difficult for job seekers may to find the job that suits their interests. The advantage of using LinkedIn is that job seekers have a network of friends who can easily link them to a job opening. However, the disadvantage of LinkedIn is that if a job seeker is not well networked, the chances of finding a job online will significantly reduce (Reynolds & Weiner, 2009).
As a potential user, I would choose LinkedIn search engine over Yahoo. This is because LinkedIn is more customized and consists of a group of professionals networking together. As opposed to Yahoo, a job seeker is more likely to get connected to a professional  exploratory essay topics writing job through LinkedIn. Furthermore, people who use it are professionals and discuss work-related issues.
The legal concerns with internet recruiting for employers include screening of applicants, cross checking of information, and legally abiding to recruitment rules. For instance, employers face the challenge of screening employees to understand their background before recruiting them. Since the search engines are easily accessible by job seekers from anywhere, employers have the legal challenge of authenticating applicants (Reynolds & Weiner, 2009). Therefore, internet recruiting presents various challenges to employers.
The bible scripture that supports the issue of job seeking is Romans 12:12 says, “Be joyful in hope, faithful in prayer and patient in affliction.” In relation to online job searching, this scripture encourages job seekers not to despair, but keep trying until thety find the right job.