Thursday, March 22, 2018

Child Development

Having considered the information covered in these three sessions, the following concepts are stressed as the most important ones. First, child development mostly depends on two main aspects, biological settings and environmental characteristics. Second, human physical development depends on cephalocaudal and proximodistal directions. Third, cultural and societal aspects affect a person through his/her individual’s growth, behavior, learning and development. Forth, environment plays an important role in human development, however, there are inborn features which do not change with the development replacement. Fifth, each child develops individually as each of them is given a particular set of characteristics from birth. Finally, each child has sensitive periods during which he/she is mostly affected by environment. The materials presented here stress on early care and child development, the aspects which are to be considered in the first place while studying child psychological development. I am inclined to think that information I learnt from these sessions is going to be useful for essay writing in quality for students and their needs.
Each person is individuality with inborn characteristics and sets. Having learnt the information in these sessions, much has become understandable for me. Being born, each child gets individual collection of particular features which do not change with the replacement of environment. This aspect is very important as while children up-bringing some personal traits are inborn and others are acquired. Inborn traits of character are unchangeable, a person is to possess those features during his/her life. Acquired features depend on environment a child has appeared after birth. Paying attention to these aspects and having an opportunity to define which traits are acquired and which are inborn ones it is possible to change child’s behavior depending on required needs. This information was unfamiliar for me before I listened to this lesson. The experiments conducted on twins separated from their birth show impressive results.
The information about the role of culture in human behavior is familiar for me as well as the importance of social, economic, racial, class and sex characteristics in discussing the effects of environment on a human being. I am inclined to think that the changes in environment are going to affect some of the behavioral characteristics of a person and the information in these sessions has confirmed this fact. It was new for me that the dependence between abilities and capacities, motivation and reason, and temperament and style of behavior has interconnected nature. This information has changed my vision of children up brining and I am going to use it while early care and education practice. It means that to motivate children, it is important to refer to strong reasons, to develop child abilities in one particular aspect one should encourage him/her for using necessary capabilities, and to develop personal temperament specific styles in behavior should be cultivated.
All the information discussed above is very useful for applying while early care and education practice. When a person understands children’s needs, can easily draw conclusions about the reasons of different behaviors, he/she is able to form a deserving member of modern society. Motor and cognitive development of a child should come close to each other. While considering child mental activities a teacher should pay attention to physical development as interconnection is obvious. Early care and education practices applied on children should be different as having appeared in strange environment, a child searches for the activities he/she is interested into. Therefore, when it comes to the development of a personality, a child should be aware of as many possible activities as he/she can. A child is an individual from birth, even though most of his/her needs are obtained while living.

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